• Answer phones by the third ring, transfer calls, take messages, respond to voice mails, etc.

  • Greet patients

  • Answer general questions if knowledgeable, or find answer for patients

  • Instruct patients on any forms, signatures, etc., that are needed

  • Arrange for any transfer of records to or from the office

  • Ensure proper insurance information is obtained

  • Handle problem patients with tact and dignity

  • Maintain work area and patient areas in a clean and orderly manner

  • Inventory and/or order any supplies needed for your areas

  • Carry a good disposition and helpful attitude at all times

  • Assist all providers and other staff

  • Assist patients any way necessary

  • Promote the practice

  • Take responsibility for local decision-making

  • Comply with all patient confidentiality policies

  • Complete bookkeeping duties as needed

  • Submit all insurance claims in a timely manner

  • Reconcile all claims with our accounts receivable

  • Re-submit and follow-up on any denied or late claims in a timely manner

  • Communicate with patients on any questions

  • Communicate with insurance companies as needed

  • Ensure claims are coded properly with appropriate documentation

  • Maintain accounts receivable

  • Manage past due notices as needed

  • Provide reception duties as needed

  • Document employee schedules

Expected Hours

To be determined
Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Exact hours may change based on patient needs.

Application Form

Please click here to download the application in PDF format.

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