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The brand's story is captivating and filled with a spirit of adventure. After graduating college, the brothers sought to postpone the traditional work routine and began designing t-shirts, which they sold on college campuses, street corners, and pop-up shops. Their journey gained momentum when John doodled the happy face of Jake, which resonated with people seeking a positive response to the prevalent negative news.
The success of their initial 48 t-shirts sold out in just 45 minutes at a pop-up in Harvard Square, leading to the evolution of their concept. Jake's image expanded to include him enjoying various activities like camping, surfing, and spending time with friends, embodying the message of positivity and cherishing life's simple pleasures.

The brothers soon received heartwarming letters from individuals, including kids and adults battling cancer, who found solace in wearing Life Is Good gear, further solidifying the brand's deeper purpose. This inspired the establishment of the Life Is Good Kids Foundation, now known as the Playmaker Project, dedicated to helping children facing life-threatening traumas heal.

During the pandemic, Life Is Good continued to connect with people through their designs, showcasing solidarity and gratitude for essential workers and acknowledging the sacrifices made during challenging times.

The brand's collaboration with The McGee Group in 2016 marked a significant milestone, as their optimistic approach and love for the outdoors resonated with a wide range of customers. The Life Is Good eyewear collection, crafted in partnership with The McGee Group, carries the brand's joyful essence through fun and colorful designs, with messages that inspire and uplift wearers daily.

The frames, available in optical, sun, and reader styles, embody the Life Is Good spirit, emphasizing creativity and simplicity. Each frame carries a positive message, like "Spread Good Vibes," hidden inside the temple, bringing a smile to the wearer's face.

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