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Fikera & Quiche, a design and development agency, embarked on creating an eyewear brand named Nina Mûr due to Lorena's family history in optometry and her passion for glasses. Originally an in-house line of Alohe Optics in Madrid, Nina Mûr grew independently to maintain quality control and achieve precision in production. The brand's name honors Nina Simone, symbolizing creativity, authenticity, strength, and courage, while also paying tribute to Camille Claudel's artwork "L’age mûr," meaning "mature" in French, reflecting the brand's growth and launch. Lorena oversees creative direction and design, while Davide, with a background in architecture and industrial design, ensures the brand's vision becomes a reproducible reality.

Innovation lies at the heart of Nina Mûr's design philosophy, focusing on concept rather than just technology. However, the brand utilizes high technological standards, collaborating with partners to develop innovative software for precise wood cutting. The exquisite frames are crafted with birch wood from Finland, known for its durability and resistance to water and extreme temperatures. Nina Mûr embraces values of honesty, respect, and sustainability, taking care of not only the product but also the team, the planet, and customers.

The brand's eyewear creation process involves conceptualizing, translating drawings into digital 3D patterns, preparing materials, cutting and assembling frames, and meticulously crafting each piece by hand. Nina Mûr uses Zeiss lenses, renowned for their quality, and components from OBE Germany, ensuring top-notch craftsmanship. Their collections, "Mobile" and "Ebru," offer distinct concepts; "Mobile" presents easy-to-carry, laminated pressed cardboard designs, while "Ebru" draws inspiration from Turkish marbling art, creating unique patterns on wood frames.

Nina Mûr strives to create timeless designs inspired by classic eyewear models, aiming to transcend passing trends and contribute to sustainability. Collaborations have been an essential aspect of their journey, providing valuable learning experiences and connections with interesting individuals. Looking ahead, Nina Mûr plans to continue exploring the potential of collaborations as a powerful tool for future projects.

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